Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hello Fellow Authors and Readers

Kassy and I are new to this blog. I have my first book out with The Wild Rose Press, White Rose Division. My book is "Sonora", written by Elaine Bonner. It's set in the late 1800's and is about a young woman who is on the run to keep her son from being taken from her. Of course as she runs, she finds the man of her dreams. Follow Sonora as she decides if she can trust God to help her and keep her son safe or does she just depend on her own wits? Does she get the handsome captain or does she have to give him up to keep her son? Lots of questions answered by reading "Sonora".

The Wild Rose Press is also releasing "First I'm Nobody", written by Kasandra Elaine. This is the story of a young man who has amnesia after an accident. Follow Duke and Skylar as they search for Duke's past. Is he the man Skylar thinks he is, or will he turn out to be the criminal it appears he is? More questions answered by reading "First I'm Nobody".
Kassy and I are looking forward to the release of a second book from The Wild Rose Press entitled, "Redigo's Choice". Don't have a release date on it yet.

I have two other publised books, "Thanks to a Lonely Heart", and "The Heart Knows", published by Heartsong Presents. Kassy and I have one other published book, "Her Home or Her Heart", also published by Heartsong.

We love writing and reading. Will talk with you later.

God Bless,